September 2016 Children’s Contact Lenses

September 2016 Children’s Contact Lenses

Contact lens for your child… Sure! The age of a child that wants to wear contact lens is not as important as their prescription, motivation, and willingness to maintain proper hygiene.

McMillin eyecare doctors recommend One day (single-use) contact lenses that are removed and discarded at the end of each day for adolescents because there is better compliance and less chance of eye infections.

Protein, calcium, lipids, and other substances found naturally in your tears can build up on your lenses. These deposits make your contacts less comfortable than when they were new, and can also make your eyes more prone to infection.

Of course, lenses can be cleaned, but cleaning is not 100 percent effective. Some deposits will remain and continue to accumulate over time. Therefore the more frequently you replace your contact lenses, the healthier and more comfortable your eyes can be.

There is very little difference in cost between one day contact lenses and monthly replacement contacts, especially when taking into consideration the cost of additional solutions needed for monthly replacement.

It’s important for parents to know that the FDA classifies contact lenses as a medical device. Contacts must fit properly on the eye – if they don’t, serious eye health issues can result. That’s why they must be fitted by an eye care practitioner, who will write a prescription for the proper size, shape, power, and brand of lenses.

By law, you need a prescription in order to purchase contact lenses. This is true even if your contacts have no vision correction in them, such as some color contacts or special-effect contacts.

A contact lens fitting is painless and takes very little time. It can be done in conjunction with a regular exam.

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