Patient Forms


Thank you for choosing McMillin eyecare for your eye health and vision care needs. To help us establish your records and provide the most beneficial use of your time with us, our doctors have requested that you review and complete the following tasks and bring the information to your appointment.  This will help our doctors give you the best care possible.

Patient Information Form This information includes personal and family information needed to establish or update your file. This form can be submitted online or you can print and complete it at home and bring with you to your appointment.

Patient Medical/Vision History Form Since many general health conditions may be associated with visual symptoms and/or eye health problems, this important record (now required by state health boards and virtually any medical and optical insurance plans) will allow us to care for you as a “whole person” rather than just a pair of eyes. This form includes a complete list of prescription and nonprescriotion medication, which may be brought in as a separate list for us to photocopy if you prefer. Your responses will help guide our doctors and staff, and remind us to address any significant issues during your visit. This form can be submitted online or you can print and complete it at home and bring with you to your appointment.

Insurance cards or claim forms: For any optical and/or medical insurance you may be covered by. Even for “routine” visits, if a medical eye condition is discovered during your examination we can submit a claim to your health insurance for the medical evaluation portion of your examination.

Eyeglasses – Please bring ALL pairs of eyeglasses you currently use, including prescription or nonprescription reading glasses, sunglasses, etc. We have instruments to compare the optical power of your old lenses with your new exam findings, thus enabling us to determine and explain how your vision has changed over time. We can also evaluate the condition and fit of your current eyewear.

Contact Lenses – It is best to wear your current contacts to your appointment if possible. If you can not wear your lenses, please bring them in your case. If you wear planned replacements or disposable lenses, it is helpful if you bring along your cartons or lens packets that indicate the lens series, power, manufacture, etc.

Eye drops, ointments, etc. – Please place any eye drops or ointments that you use in a small bag and bring it along with you. Your doctor will review whether these are appropriate or if a better option is available.

Dilation – The doctor may need to use drops to dilate your eyes in order to fully evaluate their internal health. This has the effect of temporarily increasing sensitivity to light and causing “fuzzy’ vision at a near (reading) distance. Therefore, if you feel you may need eyewear or want to select new eyewear, please come 15-20 minutes before your appointment time in order to look at our frame selection.

Completing the task list for the items that apply to you will assure you of receiving the most thorough and professional care possible and in a very efficient manner.

We look forward to your visit!