McMillin Eyecare is proudly carrying TOMS optical line!

McMillin Eyecare is proudly carrying TOMS optical line!

Please read the following article about how and why TOMS does what it does, and how McMillin eyecare is partnering with them to further their generous vision:

TOMS was created in 2006 by Blake Mycoskie. While traveling in Argentina, he witnessed hardships faced by children growing up without shoes and wanted to do something about it. His solution was simple, but a bit revolutionary…create a for-profit business that was sustainable and not reliant on donations…and the TOMS company and the ONE for ONE concept was born…we sell a pair of shoes…we give a pair of shoes to a child in need! So he set about creating a shoe that would be desirable for those buying shoes so he could make enough money to sustain his business and give a pair away for every pair he sold…ONE for ONE.

Over the next 5 years, Blake recognized other needs during his travels around the world and realized that the ONE for ONE could be applied to more than shoes…so he developed TOMS eyewear in which for every pair of eyewear purchased, TOMS would help give sight to a person in need…ONE for ONE!

This is where McMilln eyecare comes in. 285 million people in the US are around the world are blind or visually impaired, but 80% of these cases can be corrected or prevented with proper eyecare. McMillin eyecare wanted to be a part of this great company and the wonderful things they are doing all over the world to help restore eyesight and hope.

During McMillin eyecare’s annual mission trip to Belize with Body and Soul Ministries (based in the Tri-cities), we have seen the need for eyecare and shoes first hand. Seeing this need up close and personal, we have decided that for every pair of TOMS eyewear we sell, McMillin eyecare will buy a pair of TOMS shoes to take back to Belize when we return each year to offer eyecare.

So when you purchase TOMS eyewear from McMillin eyecare, you are helping to restore the sight of one person and you’ll be putting shoes on TWO* children in need!

McMillin eyecare believes in what the TOMS company is doing and feel it’s a great model for any business to follow. The creator and owner, Blake Mycoskie, is passionate about inspiring people, especially young people, to help make tomorrow better, encouraging them to include giving in everything they do.

* when McMillin eyecare buys a pairs of TOMS shoes to give away, the TOMS company gives a pair away as well! ONE for ONE!

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