April 2017 Sports Eye Safety Month

April 2017 Sports Eye Safety Month

Did you know that every year there are thousands of sports-related eye injuries? Many of these injuries can be prevented by wearing protective eye wear while playing sports. All athletes are encouraged to wear the proper eye wear, especially ones that involve small high velocity projectiles. Sports are broken down into four groups based on the risk of sustaining an eye injury:

  1. High-risk – Baseball, paintball, basketball, racquetball, hockey, boxing and softball.
  2. Moderate-risk – Tennis, soccer and golf.
  3. Low-risk – Non-racket sports without high-speed balls or close aggressive play, which include swimming and cycling.
  4. Safe sports – Gymnastics, track and field.

Any eye wear worn during sporting activities should have polycarbonate lenses, which are stronger, lighter and more shatter resistant than other lenses. So whether you need goggles or sunglasses, our optical department is here to help you find the perfect protective eye wear so you can play your best on game day. Call or visit us today at 423-239-5491.

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